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Xiaomi 70 Mai D01 Dash Kamera (Global version)
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The 70mai Smart Dash Cam meets all your video / photo needs while driving. The powerful, comfortable voice control makes driving safer and more enjoyable. Check out below and find out what 70mai Smart Dash Cam entails: Seamless Shooting - The 70mai Car Dash Camera automatically overwrites the oldest shots with the latest ones to allow the memory card to function normally. The integrated storage space offers only a few emergency pictures. The 70-mai Dash camera for vehicles supports class 10 (and above) MICRO SD memory cards from 8 GB to 64 GB (not included). Emergency department - great help for accident insurance claims. If the built-in G-sensor detects a collision, 70mai Dash Cam´s auto-video will automatically lock the emergency call file to prevent the video from being overwritten, which can restore the scene of the accident. Built-in Wi-Fi and APP activation. Wi-Fi connection with the 70mai Driving Recorder app allows you to operate the Dash camera on your phone - watch live streaming view, replay the fiootage / rewind and download the required files. In conjunction with the 70mai app, the Dashcam can only take pictures and view the storage videos and pictures. To access other features, such as recording, the app must first be disconnected. Ringförmiges Anzeigelicht und eingebauter Akku - Auf der rechten Seite des Geräts befindet sich ein ringförmiges Anzeigelicht, das verschiedene Betriebsstatuen mit drei Farben anzeigen kann: Blau - Starten des Geräts; Grün - arbeitet im Normalzustand; Rot - arbeitet im anormalen Zustand. Die eingebaute Batterie des dvr dient zur Aufzeichnung von Notfällen. Um die 70-mai-Smart-Car-Dash-Kamera kontinuierlich verwenden zu können, müssen Sie die Mini-Autokamera mit der externen Stromversorgung verbinden. Voice control - command with sound. 70mai Car Camera - Dash Cam can recognize the human voice and respond quickly according to the verbal instructions, which frees hands while driving, is more fun and makes driving safer. There are 6 verbal instructions available: take a photo, record a video, record without sound, record sound, turn on Wi-Fi, turn off Wi-Fi.

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