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Look What Happened to My Pocket Change!: Low-to...
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Most people think going to work every day and working hard are the main elements that determine wealth. Some people even think holding down two jobs will secure their financial futures. But hard work alone won't allow the average low-to-middle-income individual to live well or control debt. In Look What Happened to My Pocket Change!, author Rochelle Melanie provides a guide to help low- to middle-income individuals learn how to create wealth, overcome obstacles that prevent them from saving and investing, and manage money better. Rochelle describes her personal experiences with spending, saving, and investing to demonstrate techniques for creating financial stability. She discusses: Where wealth comes from The importance of organization The benefits of a good work ethic Credit and paying bills Banks, finance companies, and loan stores Coupons, rebates, reward points, and dollar stores How real savings begins Savings bonds, mutual funds, the stock market, real estate, and life insurance Look What Happened to My Pocket Change! details techniques for wise investing, smart borrowing, and getting organized that anyone can adopt in order to enhance their lifestyles. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Elisabeth Meekins. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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