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The Growth Of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance C...
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The Growth Of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance CO LTD Since Inception:Indian Insurance GDP ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Emmanuel Attah Kumah

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Power Speak: How to Engage, Inspire, and Stimul...
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Excellent speaking and presenting skills give you a huge career advantage. You can be more visible and influential in your company, organization or community with Power Speak. Here´s what Power Speak holds in store for you: How to control fear and use it to your advantage! How to overcome the six major speaking faults How to get and hold attention Techniques to make every presentation a winner! Strategies and secrets known only to a handful of America´s top professional speakers Never be boring! Confidently handle audience participation and difficult questions Learn stage managing secrets to help you beat Murphy´s Law! Discover the six-point no-fail humor theory How to use power language to add life to your speechYou couldn´t find a better coach than Dorothy Leeds Power Speak is based on Dorothy Leeds´s unique and easy method of achieving success as a presenter; overcoming the six major speaking faults. No one else is teaching this method. It is simple, it is special, and it works. Ms. Leeds´s lively blend of humor, intelligence, and inspiration has made her one of America´s most sought-after speakers. She regularly addresses the National Speakers Association conferences, and she has keynoted hundreds of conventions for organizations such as McGraw-Hill, Equitable, the Professional Insurance Mass Marketing Association, and the Merchants and Manufacturers Association. As President of Organizational Technologies Inc., a sales/management consulting firm, she has organized and conducted communications seminars and workshops, set up Speaker´s Bureaus and trained more than 20,000 executives and salespeople for such prestigious companies as Mobil Oil, Duke Power Company, and Prudential Bache. PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this titl 1. Language: English. Narrator: Dorothy Leeds. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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